June 2021 Level 1 Practitioner Training
This IEMT on-line course will begin on the 5th and finish on the 13th June 2021.
Start time will be 10.30pm and we will finish at 3pm.
What you will learn on this course:
Part 1. Emotional Engineering for Neurological Change
De-potentiating Imprints of Emotion With IEMT
  • Introduction to IEMT - (Pre-course module)
  • Relevant Neurology -
  • Applications and Contraindications (Pre-course module)
  • Emotions Exercise
  • Introductory Exercise and Calibration of Representational Change
  • The IEMT Basic Pattern and Imprint Tracking
  • Eye Movement and 3D Accessing Cues
  • The 5 Patterns of Chronicity
  • The 3 Pillars of Depression
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Time Coding
  • The IEMT Integral Pattern
Part 2. Identity Re-imprinting & Physiological State Change Work
Updating Our Way of Being With IEMT
  • Introduction to Structure of Identity
  • Exploring Identity
  • Discovering Patterns of Chronicity & Identity Statements in Client Questionnaires
  • Four References - I, Me, Self, You
  • The IEMT Identity Pattern - The Basic Form
  • The IEMT Identity Pattern - The Integral Form
  • Physiological Respones to Trauma
  • Physiological State Accessing Cues
  • Changing Unconscious State Accessing
  • Changing The Negative Kino-Somatic Imprints
  • How to Work With IEMT in Live and On-line Sessions
  • Completing the Certification Process
Entry Criteria:
The course is open to all regardless of previous therapeutic experience.
Certification is awarded on completion of case studies and coursework.
Some pre-course reading will be required for all and extra case studies and some possible extra learning resource work will be required from
non-talking therapy delegates who wish to become Certified Practitioners.This may include:
Chiropractics; Complementary Therapists; Dentists; EFT/EMO Pracs; Human Resources Officers; Hypno-Birthing Practitioner; Life Coaches; Medical Doctors and Practitioners; Midwives; MoM Practitioners; Nurses; Nutritionists; Self-Development Delegates; Social Workers; Teachers.
If you are still unsure about the entry criteria please contact me directly.
Two Options for Online Training:
Certification and Non-Certification options are given.
Some will want to do the Certification Training straight away others may choose to defer for a few months, some not all as it is for self-use.
However even if you choose option 1 of the non-certificate training you of course can at a further point in time do the Cases studies etc. should you wish to upgrade to become a Certified Practitioner.
The time limit to decide is up to 3 months from the training.
New on-line resources now available:
What you will receive no matter which option you choose is the ability to use this training an attendance certificate for CEU/CPD purposes if you need it.
The course is a full 2 days course with a PDF manual and work sheets, pre and post course video resources access via this website:
Everything we cover on the face to face trainings will be covered via this on-line training or in pre/post course modules.
Additionally - the course will be recorded on video.
Recordings will be made available for those who have attended the course.
3 months for the Non-Certification course and 12 months for the Certification course.
Also, videos demonstrating techniques being used with delegates from previous face to face course will be available for viewing post course.
Length of time for access, as above.
Post course resources also include a full course manual and practice card downloads.
Option 1 - Non-Practitioner Training
  • For use with friends and family.
  • The certificate of practice is not issued; however an attendance acknowledgment will be sent to you for CPD purposes if required.
  • Course manual & worksheets will be sent as a PDF
  • 3 months FREE access to post course on-line resources.
  • Fee: £265.00
  • All fees to be paid in Sterling
  • Please remember currency conversion rates will vary.
Additional Upgrade Option
  • This option can be upgraded to Practitioner Level within 3 months of the initial trainings for those who wish to complete the post course assignments & case studies.
  • Additional Upgrade Fee for Practitioner Level status:
  • For Talking Therapists: £150.00 for 1:1 post course session and assessment of your case study video(s) and written exercises.
  • Additional Upgrade Fee for Practitioner Level status:
  • For Talking Non-Therapists: £200.00 for 1:1 post course mentoring sessions and assessment of your case study videos and written exercises.
  • 12 months Free Access to on-line resources from the date of the training.
Option 2 - Practitioner Training
  • Full Practitioner Training including post course work and assessment:
    For Talking Therapists £395.00
  • Full Practitioner Training including post course work and assessment:
    For Non-Talking Therapists is £445.00 due the to extra 1:1 post course mentoring input that will be required and increased number of Cases studies to be assessed.
  • 12 months Free Access to on-line resources.
  • Additional time to complete the Assessment Process will be allotted to Non-Talking Therapists.
Those who are doing Option 2 or the delayed Option 2 will receive the Certification Guidance document as a PDF and it is important to thoroughly read this prior to embarking on the post course certification work.
IEMT Practitioner Level Refresher Option
This option is available to anyone who has previously taken a Practitioner Level course with either myself or any other IEMT Trainer.
Those of you who took a previous training but did not go on to do the Course Work and Certify, will need to pay for the Upgrade Option.
This differs to the Refresher Option depending on wether you are currently a talking therapist or not.
You can email me via the Contact Page if unsure about wether this is the option for you.
Before the course I will require proof that you have trained before in order to qualify for the refresher course e.g. an emailed copy of your certificate.
Email me via the Contact Page and I will send you an email address to send the photo or scan of your certificate.
This Refresher Course will enable you to upgrade your knowledge and skills and will give you 3 months membership to this site.
This will give you the ability to use the course resources including re-watching course recordings plus demonstration videos.
I look forward to seeing you on a course in the near future.
What Happens After Booking?
  • Terms and Conditions are required to be read and agreed.
  • Once the course fee has been paid, you will register for the website to receive access to the Pre-course resources.
  • These include a pre-course short video module to watch and some mandatory pre-course reading.
  • A pre-course Zoom Test may be arranged a few days prior to the course.
  • Please ensure that your webcam, audio and internet coverage are working well.