Integral Eye Movement
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Putting IEMT Skills Into Practice - Interview with Paul Bridge

Sonia Richards on 30/05/2020 378 days ago

Integral Eye Movement is a wide and varied modality. Those of you who have trained and now have your Certification and Association membership will have no doubt been putting your skills to great use. One of the surprises for those training in IEMT is that the actual Eye Movement part of the modality is only part of the skill set. Far more important are the underlying and possible long terms Patterns of Chronicity that can be so ingrained into people’s behaviour that for many are totally unrecognised. They are part of those unconscious processes and habits that people run, such as biting nails, choosing a certain side of the bed, always reaching for a cigarette when having a cup of tea and so on. Most people would never know that in order to deal with whatever the issue is that they present with to a Practitioner “The Effect” if you will, getting to “The Cause” and dealing with this and the associated patterns is often key to long term improvements and changes.