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I was surprised and delighted to receive an award recently, from the developer of IEMT Andrew Austin for my services to IEMT training.

As many of you will know I have written and produced the first and only book on Integral Eye Movement Techniques which if you are in the UK you can purchase via this site and if overseas via Amazon. 

Here is the link however do search your own country or region of the world for a copy:

The Book on

Over the years I've helped update and professionalise the certification process, provided lot's of free IEMTea Talks with amazing speakers from many fields of change work, and produced the first On-line Trainings when lockdown hit the world in 2020, offering many additional course resources and videos which so many have said is great value for money!

My final IEMT training for 2022 will be an Advanced/Level 2 training which is open to anyone who has attend a Level 1 Training and you do not need to have a practitioner certificate to attend.


22nd & 23rd October 2022 - 1pm to 6.30pm (UK time)

29th & 30th October 2022 - 1pm to 6.30pm (UK time)

This course will enhance your knowledge and skills of IEMT, plus will link in other change work modalities and provide you with new ways to approach issues such as:

Emotional issues -  including phobias, pain, sleep, food/eating issues, somatic responses;  Identity based issues - including  how to work with relationships and couples;  Anthropomorphism/personification/schemas;  Personality; Human needs audit;  Looking at some metaphors work in relation to IEMT;  Updating the PTSD and 3 Pillars models;  System thinking and zero sum game, plus much more!                                                                                                                                                                            

Prices are £150.00 for refreshers (if you have studied with myself or any other trainer) and £350.00 for first time attendees.

You can book on here:

IEMT L2 Booking Link

The next T-Party will be held on Saturday 8th October 2pm UK time with Dr Lucas Derks, the developer of Mental Space Psychology and Social Panoramas, so I hope to see some of you there.

T-Party Enrolment Link

I very much look forward to having the pleasure of helping you continue your IEMT journey, adding in some new destinations along the way.

Best wishes, 


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