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Who Are You? - Exploring Identity. Join us in August 2022 for this fascinating Workshop.
Mental Space Psychology - A place for everyone and everyone in their place?
Interview by Nizam Thonduru Trainer and Therapist from India on how I teach IEMT and on what's covered in my book.
Another New Certified Practitioner
Social Panorama's - What are they? Find out with Sonia Richards
Facebook Live Event in conversation with host Steve Miller about IEMT, 28th February 7pm
Free Introduction to IEMT 10th January 2022
What's New for 2022?
Thank You For Buying My Book! Trainings and Other Services I Offer
Metaphors of Movement Introductory Workshop - 11th September 2021, 2pm UK time. Sonia Richards
The New IEMT Book UK Orders Sonia Richards
Changing Bothersome Memories Sonia Richards
Next IEMTea Party August 21st 2021 Sonia Richards
New IEMT Level 1 Course August 2021 Sonia Richards
A Free Introduction to IEMT 6th January 2021 at 6.30pm Sonia Richards
Becoming an Advanced IEMT Practitioner Sonia Richards
Merry Christmas 2020 Sonia Richards
Introducing Metaphors of Movement (MOM) Sonia Richards
The Eye Of The Storm: Change Can Be Painful By: Mike Richards Sonia Richards
IEMTea Party August 1st 2020 Sonia Richards
Are You Sitting Uncomfortably? Then We’ll Begin… Sonia Richards
Changing States Via Physiological Shifts Tiny Tweaks... Big Changes Sonia Richards
Advanced Practitioner Level Training Sonia Richards
Putting IEMT Skills Into Practice - Interview with Paul Bridge Sonia Richards
Mind ‘Your’ Language Sonia Richards
Virtual IEMTea Party June 6th 2020 3pm UK Time Sonia Richards
Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Integral Eye Movement Therapy Sessions On-line Sonia Richards
Using IEMT for Dealing with Anxiety During Lockdown Sonia Richards
IEMT On-line Success - The First Ever Course and Future Courses to Come Sonia Richards
Using IEMT for Trauma By Lori Nicholson, USA Sonia Richards