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Mental Space Psychology - A place for everyone and everyone in their place?

Posted by on 21/06/2022 0 Comments

The concept of Mental Space Psychology (MSP) may be new to some of you. However you may have heard the term Social Panoramas and of it's creator Dr Lucas Derks, especially of you frequent the world of NLP.

Lucas is a Social Psychologist from The Netherlands who developed the Social Panorama Model in 1993,  which is a method in the field of social systems. In 2013 he started the Institute for Mental Space Psychology alongside Robert Hemelaar and RenĂ© Koppelaar to create a platform for research and interaction between practitioners.

The basis of MSP is of: Space as the primary organising principle in cognition. This includes the space within us as well as around us.

Our thoughts occupy space conscious and unconscious. This is the substratum of knowledge upon which perceptions are built up, which in turn, impacts the how and who we are in the world, plus how we sense others and the status we afford them.

Anyone who has encountered Metaphors of Movement will actually be using this principle without realising it. 

We all have a level of unconscious mental space where we create representations of people, animals, objects and so forth known as personifications. Depending on the situation and our emotional state, the position and orientation of these personifications can alter and can become problematic, thus interfering with our ability to function at times. 

Understanding these spacial relationships and finding ways of altering these real or metaphorical situations via our own position, movement or lack of movement, can lead to powerful, self created change.

Watch Lucas talking about MSP : HERE

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