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A Free Introduction to IEMT 6th January 2021 at 6.30pm

Sonia Richards on 06/01/2021 104 days ago

A fabulous chance to come an learn about Integral Eye Movement Techniques with Sonia Richards, one of its most experienced Practitioners and Trainers.

We will have some hands on practice as well as the chance to ask questions as to why and how IEMT can enhance your own skill set and  can be used for self development.

Contact me directly to register and a Zoom link and joining information will be sent:      

I look forward to seeing you there!

Becoming an Advanced IEMT Practitioner

Sonia Richards on 28/12/2020 113 days ago

There are many hundreds of people who have now qualified as IEMT Practitioners since the very first courses in 2007 to the present day. We now have people globally training IEMT in several languages and I am very happy to have been one of the first accredited Trainers who was enabled by the founder of IEMT to train both the Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Levels. I tend to call them Level 1 and Level 2.  I also mentor other Practitioners and Trainers who may be new or experienced in this amazing modality. For those of you who would like to further your knowledge I am running more Advanced/Level 2 trainings in 2021. Please read on for information on how you can achieve this.

Merry Christmas 2020

Sonia Richards on 25/12/2020 116 days ago

This year has been quite a challenge for so many people.

Congratulations for getting through it and I wish you all a happy, calm and peaceful day.

Bring on 2021 which will bring new set of challenges that we can meet with all of our IEMT and MOM skills for ourselves and for others.

Best wishes everyone.

Sonia x 

Introducing Metaphors of Movement (MOM)

Sonia Richards on 08/10/2020 194 days ago

The first On-line Introduction to Metaphors of Movement Event

Saturday 14th November 2020, from 2pm to 4.30pm

Are you MOM curious? Not sure if you want to partake of the full training as yet?

This is a fabulous opportunity to come and learn about this amazing modality in the comfort of your own homes for just £15.00 

This introduction will give you a flavour what what MOM is all about and I hope it will increase your appetite to learn more.

Those of you who are coaches, therapists, counsellors, teachers, trainers will find this a breath of fresh air in what can be a restrictive or outcome orientated way of working. However MOM is available to everyone and there are not entry restrictions. It is a wonderful set of learnings for  understanding and dealing with the stuff that may currently be interfering with life’s plans or just everyday living.

To quote Andrew Austin:

“ With the Metaphors of Movement models, you will learn not only how to uncover your own metaphors, but how to engage them at a physiological and neurological level  - a completely new approach to overcoming stuck states and creating an effective movement towards our personal goals. You will never hear language in the same way again! " 

In MOM we work collaboratively with the client so that they are instrumental in creating the traction for making the changes that will move them out of stuck situations, hence enabling them to gather a momentum for further change. 

This work has many influences from psychology, theatre, cultural teachings, symbology, alchemy, and much more.

Andrew Austin is running the full Level 1 & 2 trainings On-line whilst the world is dealing with the Covid issue and these Introductions will hopefully help you decide to join a full training.

So just £15.00 is the investment to enter a new realm of understanding the inner landscapes of the mind. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Payment for the event is via PayPal: 

Sonia Richards PayPal

Or if you wish to pay via BACS please email me for details:

I look forward to seeing you at this event or at another in the future.

Best wishes, 


The Eye Of The Storm: Change Can Be Painful By: Mike Richards

Sonia Richards on 10/08/2020 253 days ago

Free Image courtesy of NASA

“Everywhere I hear the sound of marching feet, boy

Cause summers here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boy”

…….(Sir Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)

This article is taking a ‘Bigger Picture” perspective on where we all stand and the direction in which we are heading.  The decade of the 2020’s is one where the institutional and social cycles converge, ending in the same 10 year period. It is the period of the “Storm Before The Calm” , a period of transition from one social economic cycle to the next, a period of change. This of course has a direct correlation on the emotional cycles that are also being seen.

IEMTea Party August 1st 2020

Sonia Richards on 28/07/2020 266 days ago

Hello everyone not long to go before our next IEMTea Party Event.

Just a reminder it is 2pm UK time so those of you from overseas who have signed up, first of all many thanks and secondly just double check the time in your area.

We have a fabulous guest Mr Nick Kemp the developer of Provocative Change WorksTM.

Nick is an international Trainer and has a background in many modalities as well as in business.

He is also a very accomplished musician with several albums that he has recorded along with his band.

I will be chatting with Nick to find out more about him, PCW and how this may be used alongside IEMT.

Nick has also very kindly agreed to answer questions, so if you are attending please email them to me in advance.

The Zoom link will be sent out on 31st July and registrations are required by Thursday 30th July.

Many thanks,


Are You Sitting Uncomfortably? Then We’ll Begin…

Sonia Richards on 08/07/2020 286 days ago

In the past six years I have given many IEMT Trainings, some of which have been in person at various venues globally and some have been on line. People from a variety of different backgrounds attend, as the courses have been structured for those wishing for self help and self development, as well as for those who wish to use IEMT Professionally with clients. The types of therapist and coaches who attend also come from different backgrounds such as counselling, hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing, life coaching, NLP, psychotherapy, and psychiatry. Each has their own particular skill sets, beliefs and values about the type of work that they do and the help that they offer.

Changing States Via Physiological Shifts Tiny Tweaks... Big Changes

Sonia Richards on 30/06/2020 294 days ago

Physiological State Accessing Cues, is known in IEMT as PSAC’s for short. Teaching this process to people is one of the most rapid ways of eliciting a real and tangible change for those who are in various stuck emotional states. We often talk abut how the mind affects the body, and the physiological responses that our thoughts have on the body’s chemicals and thus body functionality. However adopting certain physiological stances which have been learned and become automatic responses, can then act as a feedback loop to impact on the brain and increase the intensity of the emotional state that the person is feeling.

It has been seen that when a person experiences trauma, one of the physiological responses that can occur is a freeze state for the body, i.e. the freeze part of the fight, flight freeze response. As discussed in the previous chapter, this is a stress response and a survival response in terms of the autonomic nervous system which is beyond the control of the neocortex/conscious functioning of the brain. Dr Steven Porges talks about this ‘freeze response’ in his book 'The Pocket Guide To The Polyvagal Theory: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe' talks about the un-myelinated parasympathetic fibres or “C” fibres. 

Not everybody locking into  particular physiological state will have experienced what is traditionally know as a ‘trauma’, however as seen many times when working with PTSD,  what is trauma to one person can be shrugged off by another. So a person develops a coping strategy that is physiologically based and the stance or position reinforces the strength of the emotions and feelings.

Advanced Practitioner Level Training

Sonia Richards on 06/06/2020 318 days ago

Coming Soon On-line Advanced Practitioner Level Training.

A way to hone and improve your knowledge, skills and uses of IEMT.


Advanced Practitioner Level - Maintaining Change

The purpose of this course is to enhance and advance your current level of IEMT skills. Hence there will very little time spent on basic eye movement techniques, so please ensure that you are well practiced prior to the course.

If you require a refresher of the Practitioner course I am happy to offer you a special deal on booking both courses.

Putting IEMT Skills Into Practice - Interview with Paul Bridge

Sonia Richards on 30/05/2020 325 days ago

Integral Eye Movement is a wide and varied modality. Those of you who have trained and now have your Certification and Association membership will have no doubt been putting your skills to great use. One of the surprises for those training in IEMT is that the actual Eye Movement part of the modality is only part of the skill set. Far more important are the underlying and possible long terms Patterns of Chronicity that can be so ingrained into people’s behaviour that for many are totally unrecognised. They are part of those unconscious processes and habits that people run, such as biting nails, choosing a certain side of the bed, always reaching for a cigarette when having a cup of tea and so on. Most people would never know that in order to deal with whatever the issue is that they present with to a Practitioner “The Effect” if you will, getting to “The Cause” and dealing with this and the associated patterns is often key to long term improvements and changes.

Mind ‘Your’ Language

Sonia Richards on 23/05/2020 332 days ago

Those of you who have trained in IEMT, particularly if you attended one of my trainings, will know how much emphasis we put on really listening to language. Our own and that of others. This week on Facebook, Andrew Austin posted an old article that he wrote some years ago on the subject of language in medicine and the Post Hypnotic Suggestions that many medics use, either purposely or inadvertently. This got me thinking about my own experience within the medical profession and as a service user, with particular emphasis on the work that I do with pregnant women and their partners.

Virtual IEMTea Party June 6th 2020 3pm UK Time

Sonia Richards on 23/05/2020 332 days ago

Special Event in aid of Marie Curie Nurses. Non-formal get together to have a chat about IEMT and related modalities. 

We will be covering working virtually with clients and also a Q&A with any topics you would like to talk about with reference to IEMT.

If you are overseas and wish to join us perhaps make a small donation to a chosen local charity of your own choice.         Donations are of course optional.

  • We start at 3pm 6th June and I will send out a Zoom invite on the day. 
  • All I need is an quick email form you so that I have your email address for the Zoom invitation.
  • Hoping to have a VERY SPECIAL GUEST...
  • So please email me and you are also welcome to email any topics for discussion if you wish to.

Best wishes


Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Integral Eye Movement Therapy Sessions On-line

Sonia Richards on 18/05/2020 337 days ago

A great song by the Queen of Soul and also one of the questions people are now asking each other when arranging a virtual meeting, be it business or social.  Although Zoom isn’t the only on-line platform to be providing meeting and conferencing facilities, it appears to be one of the most reliable and flexible. Anyone who bought Zoom shares prior to the Covid-19 pandemic must be laughing all the way to the sell button. In fact the founder of Zoom’s net worth has increased by over $4 billion since the virus hit to over £8 billion dollars. Such numbers don’t even seem real to those us in the normal world.

Using IEMT for Dealing with Anxiety During Lockdown

Sonia Richards on 11/05/2020 344 days ago

As we endure these unprecedented times, people are handling lockdown in a variety of ways. Some are being very practical, some keeping very active going out of the house taking advantage of the one exercise session a day, some are digging in and are able to have food delivered to them, some are learning new skills, some spending time on existing hobbies, some are growing vegetables for the first time wether in window boxes or old food cartons, some are studying by using the vast array of on-line courses suddenly available.

IEMT On-line Success - The First Ever Course and Future Courses to Come

Sonia Richards on 08/05/2020 347 days ago

I had been planning to run on-line IEMT courses for some time now and had looked a several ways that this may be best delivered. Then along comes Covid-19 and suddenly the theory needed to be rapidly put into action. The course that I had planned to run on Merseyside on May 2nd & 3rd would now have to be an on-line offering!

Using IEMT for Trauma By Lori Nicholson, USA

Sonia Richards on 06/05/2020 349 days ago

In September 2014, I was privileged to run the first ever IEMT Training for HypnoBirthing Mongan MethodTM Practitioners. I have been teaching HypnoBirthing for nearly 20 years and was part of the team who introduced it into the UK.

 This was a fabulous fun, lively training with some amazing participants, all keen to learn a new skill set. Many were also Talking Therapists as well, so IEMT was to be used not only for their HypnoBirthing clients, but also their Clinical Therapy client work.

 On all trainings I teach participants how to self-use IEMT and also when it is appropriate to work with their own family and friends. The following article was written by on of those delegates who be came an IEMT Practitioner and who found a great use for it after a traumatic car accident.