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Thank You For Buying My Book! Trainings and Other Services I Offer

Posted by on 23/12/2021 0 Comments

A BIG Thank You for all of you who have purchased a copy of my book on Integral Eye Movement Techniques. As of today over 180 books have been sold globally.

I have had many positive feedback messages and entrust that even the most experienced Practitioners will find something new in the book.

Here is a fabulous review from a person who recently took a training course:

"Hi Sonia, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful book. I have been looking for a book for a while that explained IEMT in a practical, pragmatic way, as well as connecting the dots on a deeper level. I am new to this mode of therapy. It has helped me already in terms of confidence in delivering IEMT. I had my first case study yesterday and it went very well. I saw a shift straight away in my client. Let me know where I can do a review for you. " CM

I know this book is already making a difference to people's understanding of this modality and for those putting IEMT into use either for themselves or with others. 

IEMT Training

For those new to IEMT via this book who would like to take the next step and train I have Level 1 and Level 2 courses now available in October. Please go to the Bookings page of this website : Course Bookings Page 

Also I offer refreshers for those already trained in IEMT. My courses do differ form others as I like to teach the interweaving of these techniques with other modalities especially on the Level 2 (Advanced) course, I offer information on other knowledge that can enhance this work.  1:1 mentoring is offered either as part of the Level 1 Certification option course as part of the extra's included and for those who wish to enhance their skills or talk about existing cases.

Mentoring Sessions

Available £60.00 for up to 90  minutes. Please email me for dates and times:

Therapy Sessions

Available via Zoom: Fees are £150.00 per session

IEMTea Parties

I have already hosted many Tea parties on some fantastic topics with fantastic speakers. There are many more to come one in November with Dr Nick Wright  on Neurological issues and December with Masha Bennet on Therapeutic  Sand Play. More speakers are lined up for 2022. These talks are Free and open to all not just IEMT Practitioners. You can book a place via this website via the Bookings page:

Metaphors of Movement (MoM)

I have been running Introductions to MoM and so many people have gone on it train as a result. The introductory workshops have a wealth of information into this exciting and innovative way of working with people’s metaphors that represent current situations in their lives. The Introduction give lots of pointers as how to listen out for autogenic metaphor and what tat may infer fir the clients, especially when they are ins situations where they feel “stuck”. 

By request I will now be running Level 1 and Level 2 workshops in 2022, to help you yo expand your knowledge and practice use of MoM. Once you understand the hidden language and meaning of metaphor a fascinating new world open up for you and your clients. 

So I look forward to welcoming you to a future event wether it be mentoring, training or a Tea Party talk.

Best wishes, 


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