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What's New for 2022?

Posted by on 23/12/2021 0 Comments

So another year comes to it's close and the glimpse of 2022 is getting ever nearer. To quote John Lennon, 

"Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear ..."

Fear is something that has been on the agenda for many reasons in 2021, due to the continual existence of Covid and its various strains. Fear mongering is also something that appears to be on the increase from many sources and for those who watch TV it enters the home with frightening images, especially for children.  Some images are fictional and some real on the news shows and channels. I gave up watching the news channels many years ago as I decided as a  primary visual learner I did not want to be bombarded with such images, some of which over the years have lead to a huge range of emotions and even some tears.

Tears are an interesting physiological phenomena as they can be shed  in times of sadness and times of joy, I've even know some, to shed tears through frustration and anger. In this work I have come across all of these emotions and many more besides for a whole host of different issues and reasons. 

My Hypnobirthing work is the most likely to result in tears of joy for new parents and their families when a new unique little person enters their lives and their hearts. There is so much promise with the birth of a new chid, So many promises given, so many plans being made, so much potential for good and happiness.

Promises can become broken, plans forgotten and potential never achieved and often it is the child who becomes the collateral damage in our life struggles, which then leads to a child who’s sense of identity can be slow to develop or even become mal-developed. Have a strong sense of self is, I think, paramount to what helps children thrive and become adults who are able to adjust better to the world and all of its complexities as well as its wonders.

This is why working at this fundamental sense of self is so key to the work that I do in the field of change work. Of course our identity changes and adapts as we grow and develop, as we take on new beliefs and values. However a fundamental sense of who we are, a core identity, if it is well formed and cohesive at an early age, will stand us in good stead for what we encounter and all that we do in life. As I often say to my students and clients - “The who we are impacts on the how we are”. 

Feelings an emotions don’t just materialise by magic and if we have a strong sense of self and we are ok with that self, then how feel about ourselves will also be ok and how we behave will generally be ok. Not always of course, because life can throw us curve balls from time to time, but if the “self” we form as a young child is cohesive and sound, this will help when dealing with such events ongoing. When people struggle with this aspect of their being, then change work practitioners such as myself can help them understand themselves more, to consolidate their identity and uncover new directions and options.

I thank all of those who have journeyed with me in 2021 family, friends, colleagues, students and clients. I also look forward to those of you who will join me for sessions, trainings and our Tea-Party events in the coming year.

My first Tea-Party is a Free Introduction to Integral Eye Movement Techniques on 10th January 6.30pm UK time.

New: I will instigate a few weekday Q&A Tea Parties for Practitioner as well as the usual weekend information sessions with guest speakers for anyone who is interested.

My first Level 1 IEMT course commences on 22nd January 1pm UK time and is over 4 sessions.

Level 2 commences 26th February 1pm and is also 4 sessions.

New:  Level 1 & 2 Metaphors of Movement training - dates to be announced.

I wish you all as safe and Happy Christmas if you celebrate it, and Seasons Greetings if you don’t. 

Here’s to a 2022 full of hope and possibility.

Best wishes, 

Sonia Richards

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