Welcome to the IEMTea Party Events Page

We have had some great events so far and hope to continue to offer them in the future.
The events are an opportunity to learn more about IEMT for those who are thinking about training in this amazing modality, a chance to ask questions for those who have trained and to enjoy the company of likeminded people.

We do not cover specific cases, however if there are any questions or topics you would like to discuss on the day, please email the suggestions directly to Sonia Richards via the Contact page.
Each event will feature a special guest or a special guest interview on video.
Guests may be part of the IEMT Community or another great trainer of influencer in the field of change work.
Anyone who wants to feature in the guest spot please get in touch.
See below for the next FREE IEMTea Event and to register your place:
Saturday November 6th 2021 - Start time 2pm

Dr Nick Wright IEMTea Party

Neurological conditions and IEMT use

Dr Nick Wright is amongst many other things and Advanced IEMT Practitioner .

Nick specialises in helping those with various neurological disorders via several different modalities including Osteomyology.                                                                                   

Do join us on Saturday 6th November at 2pm for a very interesting Tea Party with Nick.

This is a FREE event  however registration is required.

If you register and find that you can no longer attend please to contact me directly: sonia@soniarichards.com